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The Goon Cast

Five friends from Queens, NYC have been hanging out for years and decided to record it. Now, each week, a stand up comedian joins the table to discuss what's happening with the goons.

New episodes are released every Monday.

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Feb 6, 2017

The goons gather to discuss Milo Yiannopoulos at Berkeley, celebrity heists, the WWE Royal Rumble, conspiracy, Kel, the Super Bowl, and being twins, before returning in the second half to get guest centric, discussing the world of competitive breakdancing, Staten Island life, names of countries, being a cruise comic, Mikey’s flying story, and the NBA.
Episode Roster: Billy (@billywavy), Bobby (@bobbyhilzy), Joe (@godpersonified), Jay Mac (@ggmsownjaymac), Mike (@homelesspimp), Mikey Mayes (@mupnasty on Instagram) and Chris Lamadieu (@chrislamadieu)
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