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The Goon Cast

Five friends from Queens, NYC have been hanging out for years and decided to record it. Now, each week, a stand up comedian joins the table to discuss what's happening with the goons.

New episodes are released every Monday.

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Feb 26, 2019

The goons are joined by stand up comedian and the proprietor of Comedy Fight Club, Matt Maran. Goon legend, Nick, also joins the squad.
The goons gather to discuss Matt’s recent brain surgery, his latest return appearances at Comedy Fight Club (available on GaS Digital Network), his stay in the hospital, Jussie Smollett being investigated for faking a hate crime, Jordyn Woods hooking up with Tristan Thompson, Robert Kraft getting busted for prostitution, Matt’s old bar fights, his times as a professional wrestler, Nick’s feet and the breaking of a goon record.
Check out Matt on all social media with @REALMattMaran.
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