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The Goon Cast

Five friends from Queens, NYC have been hanging out for years and decided to record it. Now, each week, a stand up comedian joins the table to discuss what's happening with the goons.

New episodes are released every Monday.

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Mar 11, 2019

The goons are joined by stand up comedians and podcasters, Paul Dagliolo and Matt Fishman.
The goons gather again to discuss schoolies, camping, Pimp My Ride, driving, vaccination, dirt and soil, lakes and ponds, upstate New York, skydiving, roller coasters, theme parks, heights, Ash Wednesday, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, college basketball, David Irving, Johnny Knoxville and Jackass.
Keep up with Paul Dagliolo on social media with @paulydags. Matt is available on Instagram with @mattfishmanisokay and on Twitter with @mattfishman.
Check out their show, Microdosing, at QED in Astoria, Queens. Tickets are available here (!
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