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The Goon Cast

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Jan 30, 2017

The goons are joined by the returning Homelesspimp as well as comedians and pals, Brad Stoll and Bobby Sheehan! The goons gather to discuss Mike’s journey on tour with Aaron Knight, Donald Trump doing whatever, Brad’s sympathetic tale, sweatpants gun, journeys of filming Brad’s stand up in Florida, Bobby’s...

Jan 23, 2017

The goons gather without a guest this week to discuss the inauguration of Donald Trump, WWE’s upcoming Royal Rumble, Joe’s desperate attempts to live forever, and then get into Joe’s isolation in the Ridge.
Episode Roster: Billy (@billywavy), Bobby (@bobbyhilzy), Joe (@godpersonified), and Jay Mac...

Jan 16, 2017

The goons gather with stand up comedian, Jake Vevera! They discuss Buzzfeed article about Donald Trump, Jake’s origins in Iowa, what we would tell ourselves in the past, potential future presidents, DMT, and Jake’s Comedy Fight Club Championship defense.
Episode Roster: Billy (@billywavy), Bobby...

Jan 14, 2017

The goons show their appreciation for the fans by doing a bonus episode featuring Nicky Nyce! The squad discusses one of the top pornographic categories this year, bathroom habits, Meryl Streep, the new Nintendo Switch, WWE UK and New Japan Pro Wrestling, and the NFL playoffs.
Episode Roster: Billy (@billywavy),...

Jan 9, 2017

How do you pronounce that?
The goons gather again joined by rapper and pal, Big Breakfast! The gang squads up to discuss the new year, President Trump, Drake, single Nicki, and celebrity boxing. In the second half, the boys get guest centric and say goodbyes to Mikey before he goes on tour with Aaron...