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The Goon Cast

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Aug 7, 2015

It’s a packed house on The Goon Cast this week, as Jimmy, Jake the Snake, Evan, Kayla and Eli “The Churro Man” join the full team. We talk vampires, Jared, Lenny Kravitz’s dick, Gwen Stefani’s divorce, Who Wants to Date a Comedian?, surfing the train, WWE RAW, and Jimmy and Joe’s SAT competition. Due to technical difficulties, it’s a short cast this week.

We record the podcast live on Periscope before it goes onto iTunes! The only way to stay connected is to follow us on Periscope (@thegooncast).

Episode Roster: Bobby (@bobbyhilzy), Billy (@billywavy), Joe (@godpersonified), Jay Mac (@ggmsownjaymac), Angelo (@Angelbro17), Jimmy (@jimmyhilz), Evan (@hank_chill), Jake the Snake, Kayla, and Eli “The Churro Man”

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