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The Goon Cast

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Aug 14, 2015

After last week’s technical difficulties, The Goon Cast rebounds strong with Adam returning from South America to join the gang in the first episode of this double feature Friday. Adam discusses his interest in aviation mysteries and train attacks before sharing tales of the Galapagos Islands, his time with the tortoises, his love for pigeons, stories of swimming with dolphins, pig feasts, “Shit Blade”, and alpaca farming. The boys take this in, and update Adam on life in the U.S.

We record the podcast live on Periscope before it goes onto iTunes! The only way to stay connected is to follow us on Periscope (@thegooncast). 

Episode Roster: Bobby (@bobbyhilzy), Billy (@billywavy), Joe (@godpersonified), Angelo (@Angelbro17), Jimmy (@jimmyhilz), and Adam

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