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The Goon Cast

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Oct 27, 2015

The goons pack out the garage again for another amazing Goon Cast. The team slowly trickles in and out of the room as we talk World Series, going to a comedy show with Jim, the Jim roast that isn’t happening, Amanda ruining the podcast, Harry Potter verses WWE, Hotling Bling, Lamar Odom, the alien super structure, god, the possibility of being 4th dimensional beings, artificial intelligence, sex and dating with robots, Adam’s tales of chess in the park, storytelling class, Joe sounds like Byron Allen, kid stuff, nude modeling, more robots, Joe’s hatred of Halloween, and the terrible show that is Comics Unleashed.
We record the podcast live on Periscope before it goes onto iTunes! The only way to stay connected is to follow us on Periscope (@thegooncast).
Episode Roster: Mike (@homelesspimp), Billy (@billywavy), Bobby (@bobbyhilzy), Angelo (@Angelbro17), Joe (@godpersonified), Nick (@NickCRSEN), Frank/Clark (@clarkshereboys), Jimmy (@jimmyhilz), Chris, Amanda, and Adam
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