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The Goon Cast

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Apr 23, 2018

This week’s episode features Freddy G and Paul Dagliolo. Both are stand up comedians in the New York city area. Freddy also has two podcasts - Model and the Mensch and The Love Gurus.
They join the goons as they open with a hostile Jay Mac who challenges Joe to a weight in (to be continued!) before Freddy leads into tales of Jewish funerals, the Pope’s recent announcement that priests can marry, fight stories and Freddy’s first rap open mic before the goons take a halftime. After the pause, the goons return with the death of Verne Troyer, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Mike’s trip to Las Vegas where he learned about virtual realty, and Freddy’s constant possession of pork.
Episode Roster: Billy (@billywavy), Bobby (@bobbyhilzy), Joe (@godpersonified), Jay Mac (@ggmsownjaymac), Mike (@homelesspimp), Freddy G (@OrangeFreddyG) and Paul Dagliolo (@paulydags)
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