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The Goon Cast

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Jul 30, 2018

The goons are joined by stand up comedians Greg Cardazone, Rob Cardazone and Mike Bocchetti.
The goons discuss Joe winning the Guy Molinari Bridge & Tunnel Award, Mike Bocchetti’s podcast collaborations with Opie Radio and Sal Coladonato, last week’s laser hair removal, The Hodge Brothers, 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather, tales of Greg and Rob hosting comedy shows in Staten Island, their memories of drinking at Farrell’s bar, their confrontations tipping bartenders, the Bocchetti family, his documentary “Who is Mike Bocchetti?” now streaming on Amazon, comedians in NYC, and a follow up to an incident at a comedy show.
Check out for all things Mike! Also, he’s on all of the social media as @MIKEBOCCHETTI.
Check out Greg and Rob on the latest episode of The Slant Show -
Mike is also the subject of the documentary “Who Is Mike Bocchetti?” available to stream on Amazon Prime right now -
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